Planned Maintenance

Walker J Walker work truckOur planned maintenance program will help keep your HVAC systems operating at peak performance levels, while helping you avoid unexpected expenses and provide better cost control. 

Our planned maintenance services include:

  • Inspection and maintenance programs tailored to your system and business requirements 
  • Extensive equipment and system expertise, covering:
    • HVAC 
    • Lighting 
    • Chiller and cooling tower systems
    • Emergency power and uninterruptable power supply generators
    • Fire alarm inspections
    • Access control systems
    • Backflow prevention inspections 
    • Distribution systems
  • Testing and replacement of air filters, belts, cleaners, oil filters, and lubricants
  • Non-destructive chiller efficiency testing services, including: 
    • Eddy current tube analysis
    • Infrared scanning
    • Refrigerant analysis
    • Spectrographic oil analysis
    • Vibration analysis
  • Up-to-date maintenance recordkeeping featuring combustion efficiency reports, technician recommendations, and refrigerant usage amounts
  • Annual infrared scans of the circuitry inside virtually any type of equipment
  • Complete and accurate repair quotes
  • 24/7/365 professional response 

Our technicians have the expertise needed to service virtually all your critical systems and equipment—regardless of the manufacturer or model.