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Safety and Quality

Our superior client care starts with our passion for safety and quality.


Our Be There For Life! – Zero Accident Program has led to safety performance that's 5-to-10 times better than the national average with accident rates that are now half of what they were just a few years ago. In fact, many of our operations go months, even years without any injuries. And the reduced insurance rates, costs and project impact save our customers millions of dollars every year.


At the same time, our Quality Assurance Program ensures that we meet all customer, statutory and regulatory requirements, support our zero accident values, manage costs and risks, and continuously improve our processes and methods for consistent, measurable and repeatable quality on every project.


These programs also play a significant role in our ongoing efforts to improve productivity. Through careful planning and sound set up, we create a safe working environment. This reduces risk. Reduced risk means fewer accidents. And an accident-free project is more productive. EMCOR believes that by integrating safety, quality and productivity in this way, we better support our business and meet our customers’ demanding expectations.


By systematically listening to our clients’ concerns and developing innovative programs like these that change the way we work, we increase our ability to provide the fast, dependable, expert service our customers need to successfully address their day-to-day challenges, while achieving their most vital business and strategic objectives.